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Release Date: TBD
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Plot Synopsis:
A pack of small town jocks and cheerleaders with a dark secret head out to a remote farmhouse for a raucous Halloween pasture party, only to find themselves up for slaughter by someone dressed as their high school mascot, an Indian warrior wielding a lethal fighting ax and a bow and arrow.

Teen Horror Thriller
Directed by:
Jake Helgren
Written by:
Jake Helgren
Produced by:
Elizabeth Snoderly, Jake Helgren

Lexi Giovagnoli as Hannah Wallace
Wesley Scott as Jeff Jenson
Debbie Rochon as Nancy Wallace
Natalie Peyton as Tina Blair
Blair Jackson as Blaine Bochner
Elyse Bigler as Heather Zann
Melody Herron as Robin Donaldson
Jesse Ferraro as Mike Brophy
Kiarra Hogan as Linda Jones
Chris Hlozek as Rick Youngblood
Payton Wood as Bubba Barton
Fabian Watkins as Sheriff Jones
Elle LaMont as Diane Sanchez
Manuel Chapa as Peter Paxton
Taylor Moessinger as Vickie

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